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All three divisions of JFO Holdings Limited are unique yet diverse and adequately equipped to work together.

  • Process Serving
  • Private Investigation


JFO Holdings Ltd., whose director has twenty-three (23) years policing
experience, is operating to serve the legal profession in the processing of
documents in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner. Areas of service
include all Maritime Provinces, specializing in personal service to the
designated recipient, in a maximum time frame of twenty-four (24) hours.


Licensed Investigative firm covering all areas of criminal, civil, insurance,
and internal investigations. Also available to interview witnesses, taking of
statements and affidavits. Extensively trained in the use of all types of
surveillance equipment. Our team of specialists is highly committed to
providing quality work at very reasonable rates.
We offer 24 hour on call
service, as our goal is to meet your requirements.